X” adds voice and video calling feature to compete with “Facebook


X” adds voice and video calling features to compete with “Facebook.


X, the social media platform formerly known as Twitter, is launching new voice and video calling capabilities, according to owner Elon Musk. The addition will put X in direct competition with Meta-owned messaging apps Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp.

In a blog post, Musk announced X will enable Voice over IP-powered calling across all platforms and devices, including Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac. Users won’t need a phone number linked to their account, either.

Musk touted X’s global user base and data trove as critical advantages over rivals, allowing seamless call feature rollout.

The move comes as X aims to become a multifunctional “everything app” under Musk’s control. Adding voice and video conversations turns X into a direct alternative to dominant chat apps WhatsApp and Messenger.

However, X lacks the encryption offered by Meta’s services. It also remains banned in particular countries over moderation concerns.

Still, Musk hopes X’s tremendous reach can disrupt the messaging app landscape currently dominated by a handful of big tech players. With calling functionality added to its viral public posting features, X diversifies into new territory as a communications platform.

Integrating messaging, calling, and social media under one roof represents Musk’s grand vision for transforming X into the world’s primary digital public square.

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