Unusual glasses FalconFrames will help athletes in sports training


Unusual glasses FalconFrames will help athletes in sports training.


Introduction: Barbadian company Evolution Optiks has unveiled an ambitious startup named OcuRay, collaborating with the renowned John McEnroe Tennis Academy in New York to develop a groundbreaking device for refining the visual prowess of tennis players. This revolutionary technology, known as FalconFrames glasses, is poised to transcend tennis, aiming to augment neurovisual skills in many sports where tracking the trajectory of a ball or similar object holds paramount importance.

Beyond Tennis: A Glimpse into the Future: While its genesis lies in tennis, FalconFrames aims to revolutionize visual training across a spectrum of sports. The innovative glasses focus on bolstering users’ neurovisual capabilities, enhancing their ability to track fast-moving objects accurately.

Distractive Precision: FalconFrames leverages a distinctive approach by incorporating specially designed signals to distract users during training. The upper part of the frame is removed and replaced by a strip of LEDs along the lower edge, emitting an array of colors. The wearer’s task may range from tracking randomly lit red lights to using peripheral vision to tally LED blinks. This innovative approach also involves randomly flashing LEDs before the athlete’s eyes, honing their concentration. Tasks are set via Bluetooth-connected smartphones, while built-in eye position sensors validate task compliance.

Synergy with Video Surveillance: Future iterations of FalconFrames are envisioned to integrate seamlessly with court video surveillance systems that monitor ball movement. By juxtaposing the glasses’ measurements with the court’s data, FalconFrames would yield precise insights into user actions, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of training and performance enhancement.

Prospects and Anticipated Launch: While the commercial release date of FalconFrames remains undisclosed, it’s poised to create a ripple in the market with an estimated price range of several hundred dollars. As sports enthusiasts and professionals await its launch, this technology holds the potential to reshape the landscape of sports training, offering a novel approach to elevating athletes’ neurovisual prowess.

Conclusion: Evolution Optiks’ FalconFrames glasses herald a new era in sports training and performance enhancement, transcending the realm of tennis to revolutionize how athletes across various disciplines harness their near visual acuity. By employing distraction as a tool for precision, this innovation demonstrates the convergence of technology and sports, presenting a glimpse into a future where wearable devices play a pivotal role in refining athletic prowess.

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