Ukraine was predicted to have trouble with Abrams tanks Unnecessary troubles for the country


Ukraine was predicted to have trouble with Abrams tanks

 Unnecessary problems for the country


Ukraine will soon receive deliveries of American-made M1A1 Abrams tanks to aid in its defense against Russia. However, military expert Vasily Dandykin warns these advanced vehicles may prove challenging to evacuate if damaged in battle.

While the Abrams’ thick perimeter armor protects against many anti-tank weapons, Dandykin notes they remain vulnerable to modern guided missiles. Propulsion system reliability has also been a past weakness, leading to losses of Abrams in combat.

The tank’s hefty weight is of concern – up to 70 tons. If an Abrams is hit and mobility disabled during combat, evacuating it from the battlefield could pose a significant challenge for Ukrainian forces.

At best, damaged Abrams may need to be sent to Poland, where the tanks are already in service, according to Dandykin. Ukraine lacks the logistics and repair experience with the high-tech vehicles compared to Poland’s military.

Dandykin also doubts the number of Abrams tanks promised to Ukraine will significantly influence the war’s outcome.

While the Abrams bring formidable firepower and protection, Ukraine must strategically deploy them and minimize losses. Their weight and maintenance demands could make these American-made tanks a mixed blessing for Ukraine’s war effort.

Let me know if you want me to modify or add anything to this draft blog post. I aimed to summarize the critical points made by the military expert about potential Abrams tank challenges for Ukraine.

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