Travelers Europe on how to help SME clients take control


Travelers Europe on how to help SME clients take control



  • Emphasize the importance of planning for unexpected challenges in the business world.
  • While global events like pandemics are hard to predict, many business difficulties can be foreseen and mitigated.
  • Introduce the focus on small- to medium-sized businesses (SMEs) and their unique challenges.

Challenges Faced by SMEs

  • Highlight SMEs’ disadvantages compared to more giant corporations regarding resources and expertise.
  • Discuss how the current economic climate amplifies these challenges.
  • Provide examples of how seemingly minor issues can snowball into significant problems for SMEs.

The Impact of Inadequate Preparation

  • Explain the consequences of inadequate preparation for SMEs when facing incidents.
  • Cite research from Travelers regarding the extended resolution times and increased costs associated with poor incident management.
  • Discuss the productivity losses suffered by SMEs due to workplace injuries.

The Role of Brokers

  • Emphasize the importance of a proactive, less reactive approach to risk management.
  • Stress the role of insurance brokers in assisting SMEs with preparation.
  • Highlight the potential for brokers to address gaps in knowledge and insurance coverage.

Offering Solutions Through Insurance

  • Introduce Travelers’ SME product offerings as an example of proactive risk management.
  • Explain how Travelers’ cyber insurance policyholders can access resources to improve cyber hygiene and reduce the risk of cyber breaches.
  • Highlight the importance of quick action in cyber protection to prevent operational disruptions and reputation damage.

Comprehensive Support for SMEs

  • Discuss Travelers’ broader SME product offering, which includes various types of insurance coverage.
  • Describe specific benefits, such as First Recovery, which helps SMEs quickly recover from incidents like fires or floods.
  • Emphasize the value of in-the-moment support from experts for everyday challenges.


  • Summarize the proactive approach SMEs should take to risk management.
  • Encourage SMEs to assess their knowledge gaps and protection needs.
  • Highlight the role of brokers in helping SMEs thrive in favorable times and stay resilient during difficult ones.

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