The Sarych-2 reconnaissance drone, designed according to the “flying wing” design, has been presented


The Search-2 reconnaissance drone, designed according to the “flying wing” design, has been presented.


Introduction: The relentless surge in uncrewed aerial vehicle (UAV) development, particularly in military applications, persists in Russia. The latest addition to this thriving landscape is the “Sarych-2” UAV, crafted by Crimean company Roboavia. Employing a distinctive “flying wing” design, the Sarych-2 serves reconnaissance units with cutting-edge capabilities, embodying a blend of advanced technology and innovation.

Design and Specifications: The “Sarych-2” boasts a wingspan of 3.1 meters and a take-off weight of 15 kg. Its performance is impressive, reaching altitudes up to 5,000 meters and cruising speeds approaching 110 km/h. Driven by an electric motor, the onboard battery supports 2.5 hours of active operation, while test flights demonstrated endurance exceeding 4 hours. This endurance empowers the UAV to fulfill extended reconnaissance missions effectively.

Optical and Computational Prowess: Equipped with an HD camera featuring a 60x zoom and a thermal imager, the “Sarych-2” captures detailed imagery and thermal data. These visual assets are processed by an onboard computer utilizing specialized software. The computer discerns military equipment up to 2.5 km away, tracks targets, and conveys precise coordinates to operators. Integrating advanced imaging and processing systems enhances the UAV’s reconnaissance capabilities.

Intelligence and Autonomy: Enhanced electronic warfare countermeasures augment the UAV’s resilience against enemy interference. The “Sarych-2” excels not only in its reconnaissance functions but also in its autonomy. The ability to autonomously return to base without control signals ensures operational continuity even in challenging situations.

Operational Progression: The “Sarych-2” is primed to bolster ground operations after successful preliminary tests in the Black Sea Fleet. As it progresses through state testing, multiple units of the Russian armed forces within the Northern Military District zone have received these UAVs. This deployment underscores the UAV’s readiness to contribute to real-world operational scenarios.

Conclusion: The “Sarych-2” UAV exemplifies Russia’s ongoing commitment to UAV advancement, particularly in the military domain. Roboavia’s innovative design and state-of-the-art imaging, processing capabilities, and autonomous features position the “Sarych-2” as a formidable asset for reconnaissance missions. As it completes testing and becomes an integral component of Russia’s UAV fleet, the “Sarych-2” symbolizes the nation’s drive to remain at the forefront of unmanned aerial technology.

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