Stympro magnetic wallet for iPhone combines a stand and a power bank


Stympro magnetic wallet for iPhone combines a stand and a power bank.


Introduction: The Stympro wallet transcends the ordinary notion of a cardholder, offering iPhone users a spectrum of features designed to enhance convenience and efficiency in daily life. Seamlessly combining design, functionality, and technology, this innovative wallet goes beyond conventional expectations to provide a range of exciting utilities for users of Apple’s smartphones.

Revolutionizing Attachment with MagSafe: A notable feature of the Stympro wallet is its integration of the MagSafe magnet, ensuring a secure attachment to Apple iPhones starting from the 12th version and beyond. Beyond its primary function as a cardholder, when attached magnetically, the wallet transforms into a practical stand for iPhones. Whether in vertical or horizontal orientations, a slightly opened wallet creates a versatile and stable prop for your gadget.

Sleek Design with Added Power: Despite its slender 10-millimeter profile, the Stympro wallet doesn’t merely accommodate cards. It ingeniously houses a 2000 mAh battery that extends the standard smartphone autonomy by several precious hours. This fusion of aesthetics and practicality empowers users to stay connected and productive for more extended without worrying about dwindling battery life.

Empowering with Find My Compatibility: The Stympro wallet effortlessly integrates with Apple’s “Find My” application, an invaluable asset in cases of loss or theft. In such unfortunate scenarios, the application assists in locating or remotely turning off the wallet. Equipped with a built-in speaker, the wallet aids in the search process by emitting an audible signal, further simplifying the retrieval of your valuable possessions.

Elevating Interest and Backing: The Stympro wallet has captured the curiosity and enthusiasm of Kickstarter users, garnering support and funding that surpassed the $9,000 milestone required for production. This resounding backing reflects the growing interest and demand for innovative solutions seamlessly integrating into users’ digital lives.

Early Access for Supporters: For those intrigued by the Stympro wallet’s potential, a pledge of $69 secures early access to one of the initial units. This pledge not only grants supporters the opportunity to experience the wallet’s convenience firsthand but also aids in bringing this visionary product to the broader market.

Conclusion: The Stympro wallet is not just a receptacle for cards; it signifies a convergence of form and function, optimizing the iPhone user experience. With its MagSafe integration, multifunctional design, extended battery life, and compatibility with the “Find My” application, this wallet has become an indispensable tool for modern living. Its successful Kickstarter campaign reflects a growing demand for products seamlessly integrating into our digital lives, promising a more streamlined and empowered future for iPhone users.

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