Samsung introduced an AI service with recipes The functionality is extensive


Samsung introduced an AI service with recipes

 The functionality is extensive


Samsung has unveiled an innovative new app called Samsung Food aimed at making home cooking easier. Available in over 100 countries, this AI-driven platform offers features to simplify meal planning and preparation.

The app grants access to a database of over 160,000 recipes that users can save and customize to their tastes. Samsung Food leverages Vision AI technology to scan images of ingredients and dishes, allowing you to search for relevant recipes based on what you have on hand.

The app also enables remote control of compatible Samsung kitchen appliances like ovens and refrigerators. Users can monitor and control devices directly from the app for added convenience.

Samsung Food also makes sharing home-cooked meals simple, letting users send recipes and photos to friends and family.

Looking ahead, Samsung plans to integrate the app with Samsung Health. This will allow the app to generate personalized nutrition recommendations tailored to metrics like BMI and dietary goals.

With an expansive recipe database, intelligent image recognition, remote appliance control, and future nutrition planning features, Samsung Food aims to be the all-in-one app for home cooks. Samsung is bringing high-tech AI solutions into the kitchen to simplify meal planning and preparation.

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