Paying for purchases by phone: how to do it in 2023


Paying for purchases by phone: How to do it in 2023


As of 2023, various methods are available for making payments using your smartphone in Russia. Here’s a summary of these payment methods for Android and Apple users:

For Android Users:

  1. SberBank Application: You can use the SberBank application, which includes SberPay for contactless payments. Add your preferred bank card to SberPay and use your phone for contactless payments where supported.

  2. Tinkoff Application: Tinkoff Bank has released Tinkoff Pay, a system for the Mir card. This allows you to make online and offline payments in stores.

  3. Mir Card: Download the Mir Pay application, available only on Android. Apply for a Mir card online through the application, and set Mir Pay as your primary payment service on your smartphone.

  4. Samsung Phones: If you have a Samsung phone, you can download Samsung Pay and use it for contactless payments with a Mir card. Ensure your Mir card is issued by a bank that partners with this service (over 30 banks in Russia).

  5. Huawei Phones: Owners of Huawei phones with a Russian-issued Union Pay card can use the Huawei Pay app for contactless payments.

For Apple Users:

  1. SBP (System of Instant Payments): Apple users can utilize SBP for payments. This method doesn’t require data exchange over the radio channel and is suitable for devices without NFC chips. You can make payments by scanning a QR code and confirming the purchase using an account linked to your banking app.

  2. Payment with a Sticker: This method involves using a mini-bank card sticker, which can be attached to your phone or other devices. Present the sticker to a bank terminal to make a payment. This method is available in banks like Tinkoff and Alfa Bank.

Remember that payment methods and apps may evolve, so it’s a good idea to stay updated with the latest options provided by your bank and smartphone manufacturer for convenient and secure mobile payments.

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