Meta will stop launching the Messenger Lite app on Android devices next month


Meta will stop launching the Messenger Lite app on Android devices next month.


Meta Platforms, formerly known as Facebook, is discontinuing its Messenger Lite app for Android devices. This decision marks the end of a lighter, more resource-efficient version of the Messenger app introduced in 2016.

Here are the key points regarding this discontinuation:

  1. User Recommendations: Users of Messenger Lite started receiving messages recommending that they switch to the full Messenger app to continue their conversations. This serves as a notification to transition from the Lite version.

  2. Removal from Google Play Store: Messenger Lite has already been removed from the Google Play Store for new users. The app will cease to be available for existing users after September 18.

  3. Meta’s Statement: A spokesperson from Meta stated that starting from August 21, Messenger Lite users on Android devices are being directed to use either Messenger or FB Lite to send and receive messages via the Messenger app.

  4. Lighter Version for Less Powerful Devices: Messenger Lite was initially introduced for Android devices in 2016, catering to users with less powerful smartphones. It offered the core features of the Messenger app while consuming fewer system resources and occupying less storage space.

  5. iOS Version Discontinued: It’s worth noting that while Messenger Lite was also made available for iOS devices, Meta discontinued it for iOS in 2020.

  6. Download Statistics: According to data analysis firm Data AI, Messenger Lite has been downloaded approximately 760 million times since its launch in 2016. India had the highest number of users, followed by Brazil and Indonesia, while the United States ranked eighth in downloads.

  7. SMS Support Removal: This discontinuation comes on the heels of Meta’s announcement to remove SMS support from the Messenger app shortly. After September 28, 2023, users can no longer use Messenger to send or receive SMS messages via cellular networks.

The decision to discontinue Messenger Lite suggests that Meta is streamlining its messaging apps and focusing on its main Messenger and Facebook Lite apps. This move encourages users to migrate to the full-featured Messenger app, particularly Android devices.


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