Lack of windscreen recalibration creates potential risk for road users – Auto Windscreens


Lack of windscreen recalibration creates a potential risk for road users – Auto Windscreens.



  • Introduction to the issue of windscreen recalibration and its impact on road safety in the UK.
  • Mention that Auto Windscreens, a Markerstudy-owned automotive glazing firm, is taking proactive steps to address this issue.
  • Highlight the lack of regulation and awareness surrounding windscreen recalibration.

The Importance of Windscreen Recalibration

  • Explain what windscreen recalibration is and why it’s necessary, particularly after a vehicle collision.
  • Describe how recalibration realigns camera and sensor parameters for advanced driver assistance systems (ADAS).
  • Emphasize the role of ADAS technology in enhancing road safety.

Regulatory Gaps and Insurance Practices

  • Discuss the absence of regulations mandating windscreen recalibration.
  • Highlight that the Ministry of Transport (MOT) test doesn’t include calibration.
  • Insurance companies typically don’t inquire about recalibration status when issuing policies.
  • Stress the need for increased awareness and accountability.

Auto Windscreens’ Efforts

  • Detail Auto Windscreens’ initiative to engage with the UK government.
  • Mention the planned meeting with government ministers to address recalibration for road safety.
  • Provide statistics about the prevalence of recalibration in the company’s work.

The Recalibration Process

  • Explain the steps involved in the recalibration process after windscreen replacement.
  • Mention the potential reasons for windscreen replacement, such as battery upgrades or bumper replacements.
  • Describe the two methods of ADAS calibration: static and dynamic.

Challenges and Customer Expectations

  • Discuss the challenges in obtaining car parts, which impact the recalibration process.
  • Highlight the pressure from customers for quick repairs.
  • Address the variability in replacement times based on the type of glass required.

Auto Windscreens’ Commitment to Education

  • Explain Auto Windscreens’ commitment to educating customers about recalibration issues through its website.
  • Acknowledge the potential for pricier repairs due to advanced technology, which could lead to claims inflation.
  • Advocate for greater recognition of the windscreen industry by the insurance sector.


  • Summarize the importance of windscreen recalibration for road safety.
  • Reiterate Auto Windscreens’ efforts to engage with the government and promote awareness.
  • Emphasize the safety aspect and the need for collaboration between the windscreen industry and insurance providers to benefit all road users.

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