iPhone 15 surpasses Samsung for the first time in battery and charging speed


iPhone 15 surpasses Samsung for the first time in battery and charging speed


For nearly a decade, Samsung phones have outperformed iPhones in charging speeds. But 2023 could be the year the iPhone finally leapfrogs Samsung with its fastest charging capabilities.

Thanks to the USB-C standard, Samsung phones have long outpaced iPhones stuck on 5W charging until recently. Even after Apple increased to 15W, Samsung offered 40W+ charging on its devices.

However, according to leaks, the upcoming iPhone 15 Pro models will feature a USB-C 4.1 port enabling charging over 45W. Combined with expected larger batteries, this could fully charge an iPhone in under 45 minutes.

The regular iPhone 15 is still expected to use USB-C 2.1, limiting speeds to around 15-20W. But the Pro’s jump to over 45W would surpass even the latest fast-charging Samsung phones.

Other iPhone 15 expectations include new blue and titanium color options, with a lighter titanium frame on the Pros versus stainless steel.

The camera setup is rumored to stay similar to the base iPhone 15, but the Pro Max may gain a periscope telephoto lens, enabling 6x optical and 10x digital zoom. This would match the top Galaxy S Ultra zooms.

If the leaks prove accurate, the iPhone 15 Pro models could finally beat Samsung at its own game regarding charging speeds. Combined with Apple’s class-leading processors, the iPhone may retake the smartphone performance crown in 2023.

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