Instagram* will start charging money for no advertising on the platform The price has not yet been disclosed


Instagram* will start charging money for no advertising on the platform

 The price has not yet been disclosed


Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, is reportedly looking into offering paid subscriptions in Europe. This move would allow Meta to generate revenue as European regulations limit its ability to collect user data for targeted advertising.

According to insider sources, Meta hopes paid subscription options without ads could appease European regulators. However, it’s uncertain if many users would opt to pay for Facebook and Instagram, which have historically been free services.

The proposed subscription model highlights the growing impact of European Union (EU) regulations on major tech companies like Meta. Rules such as GDPR have forced Meta to alter its dramatic regional data collection practices.

Meta has already faced steep European fines over data practices, including a $2 billion penalty in May for transferring user data and a $265 million fine in 2022 for unauthorized data gathering.

As EU regulators continue holding tech companies accountable over privacy, Meta and others must search for new revenue streams aligning with European consumer data rights values.

While the success of paid subscriptions remains doubtful, the idea signals Meta’s recognition that business as usual is no longer viable in the EU. Adapting to a new regulatory environment may require fundamental changes to social media business models.

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