How to Find & Buy Very Cheap Car Insurance


How to Find & Buy Very Cheap Car Insurance


Finding cheap car insurance can be a challenging task, but there are strategies to help you reduce your premiums without compromising on coverage. Here are 11 tips to consider:

  1. Use a Comparison Site: Utilize car insurance comparison websites to compare policies from various insurers. These platforms often offer exclusive discounts and help you find the best deals.

  2. Be Completely Honest: Always provide accurate information when filling out insurance applications. Failing to do so could invalidate your policy, resulting in legal consequences.

  3. Choose the Right Car: Select a vehicle that falls into a lower insurance group. Cars in lower groups tend to have lower premiums because they are less likely to be stolen or involved in accidents.

  4. Take an Advanced Driving Qualification: Completing advanced driving courses like Pass Plus or IAM RoadSmart can demonstrate your safe driving skills to insurers, leading to premium discounts.

  5. Secure Parking: Park your car safely, such as in a locked garage, gated driveway, or closed car park. This reduces the risk of theft or damage, resulting in lower premiums.

  6. Avoid Convictions: Maintain a clean driving record by avoiding traffic violations and criminal convictions. Convictions can increase your insurance costs significantly.

  7. Accurately Describe Your Profession: Different professions may have varying insurance rates. Describe your job accurately, as slight variations in job titles can impact your premium.

  8. Consider a Telematics Device: Installing a black box telematics device in your car allows insurers to monitor your driving habits. Safe driving can lead to lower premiums.

  9. Reduce Your Annual Mileage: If possible, reduce your annual mileage as fewer miles driven can lower your risk profile and, consequently, your premiums.

  10. Accurately Declare Your Mileage: Ensure you accurately estimate your annual mileage to avoid overpaying for coverage.

  11. Don’t Use Your Car for Business: If you can, avoid using your car for business purposes, as this can increase your premiums. Use public transport or alternatives for business travel.

By following these tips and regularly comparing quotes, you can increase your chances of finding cheap car insurance that suits your needs and budget. Remember that multiple factors influence insurance rates, so exploring all available options is essential to secure the best deal.

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