Google found a way to speed up the launch of applications on Android devices by 30 percent


Google found a way to speed up the launch of applications on Android devices by 30 percent.


Introduction: Google has unveiled a system update for Google Play on Android, marked by a groundbreaking advancement: a 30% acceleration in application launch speed. This stride is attributed to optimizing the ART operating system engine, which translates code into executable instructions within the device environment. Google has committed to a continuous rollout of ART updates, promising many enhancements spanning security, memory speed, and program initiation.

Accelerating Android Performance: The latest update has already reached millions of devices operating on Android version 12, while a comparable update tailored for budget devices on Android Go is imminent. ART has been modularly integrated into Android 12, empowering it to receive live updates through the Play Store service. This revolutionary approach bypasses the need for comprehensive system updates, facilitating faster integration of security enhancements and performance optimizations.

Versatility and Innovation: ART updates aren’t confined to performance boosts alone; they present an avenue for introducing novel software functionalities. A prime example is ART 13, which ushered in language features to OpenJDK 11. Google has embarked on ART 14’s development and is poised to release an update package soon. This iteration promises enhanced speed through code reduction and performance amplification and demonstrates a commitment to backward compatibility. ART 14 will support Android versions 14, 13, and 12.

Conclusion: Google’s drive to expedite application launch speed showcases its dedication to optimizing the user experience within the Android ecosystem. The ART engine’s continuous updates, delivered seamlessly through the Play Store service, underscore Google’s innovative approach to enhancing performance, security, and functionality. As ART evolves to embrace multiple Android versions, users can anticipate a future where both fluidity and adaptability mark the Android experience across a diverse range of devices.


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