Australia’s first holographic zoo opens


Australia’s first holographic zoo opens.


It’s a remarkable blend of technology and entertainment to create unique and immersive visitor experiences. Using Euclideon technology to distribute signals to augmented reality glasses, creating holographic-like images, is truly innovative.

Holographic glasses are lighter and easier to handle than VR headsets, which is a significant advantage, as it enhances visitors’ comfort and convenience during virtual tours. Incorporating 4D systems to create additional sensory experiences with spray, wind, and smells adds another layer of realism, making the encounters with prehistoric creatures and dangerous predators feel even more authentic.

The idea of using this technology as a testing ground and a safe alternative to organizing a full-fledged zoo with separate biomes is clever. It allows Axiom Holographics to showcase various creatures and habitats without physical space constraints and the potential risks of showcasing dangerous animals. This way, visitors can explore different environments and experience the wonders of wildlife without threatening their life and health.

Overall, the holographic zoo offers a promising and exciting way to engage visitors in a new kind of family attraction and brings the marvels of the natural world to life innovatively and safely. It will undoubtedly be an attraction that captures the imagination of people of all ages and fosters a sense of wonder and appreciation for the diversity of life on Earth.

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