Andrew Tate: Chats in ‘War Room’ suggest dozens of women groomed


Andrew Tate: Chats in ‘War Room’ suggest dozens of women groomed.


Introduction: The BBC has conducted an investigation that reveals disturbing evidence of dozens of women being groomed into online sex work by members of the “War Room” group led by influencer Andrew Tate. Leaked internal chat logs expose the potential victim count, techniques used for exploitation and the apparent encouragement of violence against women within the group. While Andrew Tate denies any wrongdoing, his recent legal troubles and the emergence of this evidence cast a troubling light on the activities of the War Room.

Grooming and Exploitation: Leaked Telegram messages shared among War Room members between March 2019 and April 2020 indicate that at least 45 women may have been groomed for online sex work. The notes outline tactics to emotionally manipulate and isolate women before coercing them into performing on webcams. Members are reportedly taught the “PhD” course, which stands for “Pimpin’ Hoes Degree,” instructing them on how to groom women into sex work.

War Room Leadership and Techniques: While Andrew Tate has claimed that the War Room promotes self-discipline and motivation, leaked chats suggest that its leaders teach members how to exploit women for sex work. Some leadership figures appear to encourage violence against women, and the evidence points to a self-proclaimed “wizard” named “Iggy Semmelweiss” as the intellectual driving force behind the group.

Scope and Impact: The investigation identified 434 War Room members worldwide as of August 2022, suggesting a significant influence. The grooming techniques include using the “loverboy method” to manipulate women into sex work, coercing them through emotional manipulation, violence, and control. Many victims were isolated and forced to give up substantial earnings.

Consequences and Denials: The disturbing revelations follow Andrew Tate’s legal troubles, including being charged with rape and human trafficking in Romania. Tate denies any wrongdoing and asserts his intention to defend his innocence. However, the evidence unearthed by the BBC highlights the potential dark side of the War Room and its activities, raising essential questions about the accountability of influential figures and the exploitation of vulnerable individuals.

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