After 28 years, Microsoft has decided to kill WordPad on Windows We will remember you


After 28 years, Microsoft has decided to kill WordPad on Windows

 We will remember you


Microsoft has officially discontinued WordPad, the simple text editing app that has been a staple of Windows operating systems since 1995. After nearly three decades, Microsoft has ceased development and updates for WordPad.

First introduced as a replacement for Microsoft Write, WordPad provided Windows users with basic document creation and text formatting tools. It supported file types like RTF, DOC, and ODT.

While no longer supported, Microsoft isn’t leaving users without text editing options. The company recommends switching to WordPad’s predecessor, Notepad, which recently gained features like tabbed editing and auto-save. Power users can upgrade to the Microsoft Word app via Office 365 subscription.

WordPad’s retirement comes as Microsoft streamlines its software offerings, removing certain legacy apps and protocols. This includes phasing out Cortana, the MSDT diagnostic tool, and old security protocols to improve system usability and security.

After 28 years of service, Microsoft is bidding farewell to WordPad as it sharpens its focus on improving the core Windows user experience. For former WordPad users, alternatives like Notepad and Word offer modern text editing tools to meet today’s needs.

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