A new technology allows you to change the color of Apple Watches


A new technology allows you to change the color of Apple Watches.


Apple is exploring the possibility of enhancing the customization of its Apple Watch, allowing users to change the color of the smartwatch to match their clothing. A recent patent published by Apple suggests that the company is researching ways to enable users to adjust the watch’s color to align with their clothing or other objects.

Here are the key points about this patent:

  1. Customization of Watch Color: The patent, titled “Electronic Devices with Color Sampling Sensors,” describes a feature that would enable users to customize the color of their Apple Watch based on their preferences, including matching it with their clothing or other objects.

  2. Color Sampling Sensor: The proposed technology incorporates a color sampling sensor behind the watch’s display screen. This sensor would analyze and determine the color of an object placed against the watch screen.

  3. Light Reflection Data: The sensor would work by emitting various types of light onto the object and then measuring the amount of reflected light. It would then use the collected data on light reflection to adjust the watch’s color to match the object’s.

  4. Current Customization: Apple Watch users can customize some aspects of the watch face, such as the color of the hour and minute hands. However, the level of customization is limited, and users cannot change the color of the entire interface or individual elements on the watch face.

  5. Potential for Other Wearables: The patent suggests that this color sampling sensor technology could extend to other wearable jewelry items, such as rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. This could enable a cohesive and personalized wearable technology experience.

  6. No Guarantee of Commercialization: While Apple’s patents provide insights into the company’s research and development efforts, not all patented technologies make their way into commercial products. This patent indicates Apple’s interest in expanding customization options for its wearable devices.

Apple is known for continuously exploring innovative features and technologies, and this patent reflects the company’s commitment to providing users with new ways to personalize and interact with their devices. However, whether or not this feature will be incorporated into future Apple Watch models remains to be seen.

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