A famous YouTuber was arrested on charges of abusing her children


A famous YouTuber was arrested on charges of abusing her children.


The arrest of Ruby Frank, a well-known YouTuber who provided educational advice to parents, has garnered significant attention due to allegations of child abuse. Ruby Frank, who resided in Utah, and her associate Judy Hildebrandt were arrested following disturbing reports of child neglect and abuse.

Here are the key details:

  1. YouTube Channel: Ruby Frank was known for her YouTube channel “8Passengers,” which had amassed over two million followers. The track featured parenting and family life content, often focusing on the challenges and experiences of raising her six children.

  2. Child’s Escape: The arrest was triggered when one of Ruby Frank’s children, a 12-year-old boy, ran away from home in search of food. The child appeared emaciated and malnourished, with visible wounds, reportedly bound with duct tape. He sought help from a nearby resident.

  3. Report and Investigation: A concerned individual reported the child’s condition to authorities, prompting an investigation by the Department of Public Safety in Ivins, Utah. The study revealed evidence consistent with abuse, leading to the arrest of Ruby Frank and Judy Hildebrandt.

  4. Child Protective Services: In response to the situation, local law enforcement and family services officials removed four minor children from the custody of their parents. The children were taken to the hospital for medical treatment.

  5. Previous Controversies: The Frank family had previously faced criticism and controversies related to their parenting methods, which some viewers found extreme. In 2020, officials were summoned to their home after one of their sons disclosed on YouTube that he had been forced to sleep on a cloth chair for several months as punishment.

  6. Charges: Ruby Frank and Judy Hildebrandt have been charged with child abuse. They are currently held without the possibility of posting bail in a reformatory in Hurricane, a nearby city. It is unclear whether Ruby Frank’s husband, Kevin Frank, will face charges concerning the case.

This incident has raised concerns about the influence of online content creators and the responsibility associated with providing advice to parents and families. The case is ongoing, and further legal proceedings will determine the outcome.

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