$50,000 original Apple sneakers up for auction at Sotheby’s


$50,000 original Apple sneakers up for auction at Sotheby’s


The Apple sneakers auctioning at Sotheby’s are undoubtedly rare and unique, given their historical significance and limited availability. The fact that these are the only privately owned pair in the world adds to their exclusivity and allure for collectors.

The sneakers’ connection to Apple’s history and their association with the Apple Collection, a line of clothing and accessories produced for Apple employees and sold through mail catalogs in the 1980s, makes them an exciting and sought-after piece of memorabilia for tech enthusiasts and Apple fans alike.

While the sneakers show signs of natural aging, the fact that they are still in relatively good condition and have only been lightly used adds to their appeal. The air-cushioned heel, an innovative feature for its time, further adds to the historical value of the shoes.

The starting price of $50,000 may seem excessive to some, but collectors and investors interested in unique and rare items could potentially drive up the bidding. It’s not uncommon for historically significant artifacts or objects associated with famous companies or individuals to fetch high prices at auctions, especially when they are one-of-a-kind.

Given the popularity of Apple products and the company’s significant impact on the tech industry, there is a good chance that bidders will be interested in owning this rare piece of Apple history. The final selling price will ultimately depend on the interest and enthusiasm of potential buyers at the auction.

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