What qualities should an effective enterprise IT service management system have?

What qualities should an effective enterprise IT service management system have?


What qualities should an effective enterprise IT service management system have?


Any company that has managed to build an internal IT infrastructure, sooner or later (usually early), begins to dream of automating it, optimizing it, cleaning it up from blind spots, and generally turning it into a dream IT system. This means that the company begins searching for ITSM (IT Service Management) – a method for automating the IT processes of an enterprise. Let’s analyze what tasks an effective ITSM should solve using the example of the SimpleOne IT service management system, which is excellent for this purpose.



The main tasks that an ITSM system should solve

Incident Management

The system should provide early detection of incidents to resolve them as quickly as possible and return the affected IT processes to regular operation;

Change management

ITSM should offload the company’s IT department by automating the lifecycle management of any planned changes. It should allow you to agree on changes and manage the schedule for their deployment. A high-quality ITSM system will enable you to implement changes with minimal interruption of IT services;

Event management

The ITSM system should ensure the high availability of services by automating the response to emerging events. This includes registration of incidents, distribution of notifications, and implementation of programmed control actions. At the same time, the system should be effectively integrated with other specialized monitoring tools;

Service Request Management

The ITSM system must promptly register and process user service requests efficiently. If you set up ITSM to collect data for the company’s knowledge base, you can ensure that users can solve typical problems on their own, freeing up specialist resources to solve more complex queries;

Service Level Management

The ITSM system should allow evaluation and control of the services provided, forming an overview that will enable them to be effectively checked for compliance with the company’s and its customers’ needs. The ITSM system makes this possible by setting various business metrics by the target level of customer service.


Consumer qualities of an ITSM system

In addition to purely working functionality, a sound ITSM system should have several consumer qualities that make working with it convenient. Among them:

  • The fastest possible deployment with the least likely time spent on training employees;
  • The flexibility of system settings – including adaptation to different approaches to IT management;
  • Improving user experience through the use of checklists, multi-channel support, the ability to connect machine learning algorithms, chatbots, and feedback collection systems;
  • Convenient presentation of visual information through the use of dashboards, which will allow you to assess the state of affairs and make prompt decisions quickly;
  • Ability to access from mobile devices – adapting the interface for various devices, including mobile ones, is an urgent modern necessity;
  • Integration with popular instant messengers — the ITSM system should allow users to submit applications through all the most popular instant messengers, including corporate ones (for example, Slack);
  • An essential requirement for solutions that will be used on the territory of Russia is also the inclusion of the product in the register of Russian programs.

All of the above functionality can be obtained as a turnkey solution from SimpleOne, whose services are successfully used by such diverse clients as the Auchan network, the cloud provider and the logistics company Lorus.


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